Let's work together! SheSaid can create personalized one-of-a-kind illustrations with tons of personality just for you. With a custom hand drawn illustration you get to pick exactly what you want. The more detail the better. Here are the first steps to getting started:

1. Tell Me About It

Tell me about yourself, and what you have in mind! 

2. Collaboration

After we get a feel for what you are looking for we will decide what materials we need to get started such as: size, reference photos, details, personality traits, favorite colors, mood, etc! Anything that is special to you can be included! 

3. Own It  

Awwwwh yeah, we're almost there! Once we've gathered all the information I will start on your illustration. For a custom illustration it will take approximately 2-4 weeks to finish. Your illustration will be shipped in a fiberboard envelope to prevent bending.

BONUS: *a high res digital copy of your illustration will be emailed to you for Social Media and web use!*

Pricing + Size

individual portraits

8x10 - $60.00

9x12 - $80.00

11x15 - $100.00

couple portraits

8x10 - $60.00

9x12 - $80.00

11x15 - $100.00

family portraits 

8x10 - (3-4 people) - $80.00

9x12 - (3-4 people) - $100.00

11x15 - (3-4 people) - $125.00

5 + more people tbd 

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what are you looking for?